Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Weight loss Program

HCD Weight Loss ProgramThis is a weight loss program for those who would like quick and dramatic results. HCG is a hormone released in pregnancy that works by resetting your hypothalamus (your hunger center) in your brain to ensure your hormones are working properly. HCG is used to speed up your metabolism and curb appetite while allowing you to eat a low calorie diet without your body while maintaining your metabolism during and after the program. It is a prescription hormone which requires daily injections or sublingual drops for 28 days.

The process begins with an initial assessment to determine whether this is the best method of weight loss for you. Blood work will be complete after the first visit in order to assess your current health status from which we can monitor progress. A meal plan is used in conjunction with the HCG injections. To enusre that the toxins you release during rapid weight loss are cleared easily from your body, Dr. Paquette recommends completing our 10 day clear change detox program prior to starting the injections. The detox meal plan is included in the price; however, supplements are an extra cost.

Some patients repeat the 28 day program several times, however, a one month break after each injection series is required.

Program Price

$600 for non-patients of the clinic; discounted rates for existing patients